Community: Santana

County: Arad
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Sântana city is situated in the N-W part of Arad county, 25km away from the municipality of Arad, in an area of fields and temperat continental climate.

From the historical documents we find out that Sântana dates from 1828, but the community results from a continuous development of Comlăuş, a village that is mentioned since 1334.

Sântana's population is of over 13.000 inhabitants.

Sântana city has as belonging locality the village Caporal Alexa, dating back from 1334 under the name of Kerecton.

The most important resource in Sântana is the terrain for agriculture, which is large and of good quality and can bring great crops both from the point of view of the quantity and also from that of the quality.

The interest for the area can be risen also by the existence of a good infrastructure which is getting better and better through: access roads, electric network, gas network, running water, telephone network, internet connection, etc.

In Sântana there are 8 educational units for children, 3 gymnasium schools and a highschool, having different specializations.

The cultural activity of the city is coordinated by the Sântana Town Hall, much of these activities being developed in the office of the Multicultural Center of town.

At the local level there are 2 folkloric assemblies „Busuiocul” and „Cununiţa”, which try and not without results to bring forward the clothing, the traditions and the customs of the local community.

Those who like to read are provided with 19.832 volumes, which can all be found inside the Town's Library Orăşenească. Besides this library there should also be taken into consideration other 35.000 volumes that can be found in the libraries of 5 schools.

Sântana city is also proud of its historical monuments suach as: the building of the Mixt Highscool (the former gymnasium which was build in the 18th century); the building of the highschool's doorm (the former building of the Convict); The building of the former Town Hall and the building of the Roman-Catholic Parohy.

The population's health is assured mainly by the Health Center which has an emergency and ambulance service, that is available 24/7, a laboratory for analyses, an internal hospital, pediatrics service, 11 medical cabinets, 3 stomatological cabinets and 3 pharmacies. The access of volunteers in these institutions will be made with the help of the local coordinator.

In Sântana there is also a veterninarian and 3 veterinarian pharmacies and also a laboratory for the control of alimentary products.

There are 4,79 ha of parks, 2 discos a youth club, internet caffees and other different place (pizza places „Primo Restorante”, restaurants „Solo”) and outside caffees, markets and supermarkets, which assure an appropiate framework for spending free time for the citizens and also for those who are just visiting Sântana.

The volunteers will be accommodated in a house with a family, but in a different apartment, which has 2 rooms. 3 persons will live in one room, other 2 persons will live in the other room, they will have internet connection, access to the bathroom, kitchen, serving room, wasing room, yard and garden. The distance from the center of the town is of about 1 km. Nearby there is a church and an universal store.

Mişcoi Ana-Cristina-local facilitator, Sântana city, Arad county, România

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